What is it to "live you?"

A lot of us don't know. We often go through the routine of life without pausing to step back and discover the potential within. Living You is a movement dedicated to providing people of all ages with exposure to the practice of yoga & mindfulness and goals-based living as a way to more fully "live you."

I believe that we are all here for a reason, we all have a purpose. Over the past few years I've been exposed to individuals and experiences that have drawn me closer to figuring out my own purpose & potential. My legacy will be built around bringing these tools and resources to as many people as possible. Some of these experiences are yoga, meditation, mindfulness techniques, and vision & goal setting.

Living You offers private and group yoga & mindfulness classes to children ages 3-14 as well as mindfulness and goal coaching to people of all ages. I am certified to teach children's yoga through Karma Kids, NYC.

About Me

Career: Training & Development Manager at lululemon

Personal: Mom & wife

Goals: Gain comfort in my kitchen by December 2019