"Jill served as an exceptional coach to me! She creates space for personal growth by listening fully and asking questions that promote clarity and understanding of self.  She's caring, intuitive and relatable. She brings a lighthearted approach to deeply profound work which makes her so fun to work with! I walked away from each session feeling lighter, clear on my next steps and more confident in my ability to creatively approach any situation.
If you're looking for what feels like a productive conversation with a dear old friend, Jill is THE ONE.
-Mel Velez, Regional Manager at lululemon


After Jill wowed us with her mindfulness presentation for a women's real estate group we belong to, we knew we had to ask her to visit our family business networking group. The session that Jill created on mindfulness techniques to apply to working with family was fresh, delightful, and so relevant. Hearing everyone go around the room afterward sharing what they had taken from it brought home just how skilled Jill is at setting people at ease and helping them step out of the daily bustle to find clarity and reconnect to their purpose.

— Anne Larsson, Executive Director/CFO, and Elizabeth Larsson, Chief Strategist, at boutique law firm Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C.